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"Alpha Test House is one of the prominent service providers in the field of Toy Testing Services. We help our clients by rendering impeccable Toy Testing Services. Our professionals carried out this testing service at our laboratories keeping in mind the all set standards by using contemporary equipment & testing instruments."

Alpha regulatory experts verify the design, safety, and quality of a variety of toys and children's product to meet the requirements of Govt. of India vide notification no.

Alpha Test House is a NABL accredited laboratory for Toys Testing as per IS – 9873 (Part 1,2, 3,4,5,6,7, 9) and IS 15644.

Safety of Toys, Mechanical & Physical Properties of Toys , Flammability of Toys, Migration of Certain Elements, Swings, Slides and Similar Activity Toys, Tests for Finger Paints, Certain Phthalates Esters in Toys.

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As a Total Quality Assurance provider, we strive to facilitate the creation of the safest environment possible for children by enhancing the design, safety, and quality of toys and children's products, through:

Chemical Testing
Design Review and Evaluation
Endurance and Performance Testing
Flammability Testing
Mechanical and Physical Testing
Safety Testing and more

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List of Toy Testing


The safety of kids is a sensitive subject, which is mainly close to the heart of every parent. When purchasing toys/products for a kid, product safety is an important issue. Finger traps, sharp edges, loose components, the presence of toxic materials and substances which are too flammable can all affect in severe damage to the kid and severe penalty for the suppliers of any toy/product deemed to be unsafe.

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IS 9873 Part 1: Mechanical & Physical Properties of Toys

The principle of this standard is to diminish risks related with children's toys. Particular tests are performed on toys based upon the toy type and/or characteristics of the toy. In addition, proper warning labels are addressed in this standard..

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EN 71 Part 2: Flammability of Toys

This section determines the flammability of toys. It provides general requirements along with exact requirements for particular toys, which come out to be the most harmful, this includes: toys to be worn on head (moustaches, wigs, beards, etc.), toy disguise costumes & intended to be worn by kids in play, toys intended to be entered by a kid, and soft filled toys.

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IS 9873 Part 3: Migration of Certain Elements

This section involves determining the migration of the following elements: Cadmium, Barium, Lead, Mercury, Chromium, Antimony and Selenium from easily reached parts of toys. This applies to the following toy materials: varnishes/ paints/ lacquers/ coatings/ polymeric & similar materials/ printing inks/similar material, textiles, paper and paper board, ceramic/ glass/ metallic materials, other materials whether mass colored or not, materials intended to leave a trace, (i.e. pencils or liquid pens) and pliable modeling materials.

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IS 9873 Part 4: Swings, Slides and Similar Activity Toys

This section specifies requirements for indoor & outdoor activity toys for domestic family use intended for children under 14 years. This standard covers swings, slides, rocking toys, carousels, climbing frames, inflatable activity toys, paddling pool, motion rides, rung ladders, stepladders, stairways, head & neck entrapment.

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ISO 8124 Toys added parts 7 & IS 9873 Part 7 :

This part specifies requirements for the substances and materials used in finger paints. It is applicable to finger paints only. It is not applicable to paints intended to be applied to the face or body e.g. face paints. Colorants used in finger paint shall not have any of the health hazard classifications set out in 4.1 (hazard class 3.1 to 3.10)

This part involves requirement for the safety of finger paints only. Finger paints are aqueous semi-solid or liquid, colored mixture specially designed for children to apply directly to different IS 9873 Part 7 Specifies limits that finger paints may contain for listed preservatives, colorants, carcinogenic primary aromatic amines, and migration of certain elements, benzo (a) pyrene, N- Nitrosamines, Test and Smell and label warnings.

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IS 9873 Part 9: Certain Phthalates Esters in Toys

This part specifies maximum acceptable level of certain phthalate esters in toys and children's product. This standard provide separate limit for toys meant for child under 4 years of age and other toy products