About Electrical Testing

Technology is developing every minute somewhere so is the need of cable and wires for every industry and household. We offer the testing services that include the load testing, voltage testing and other threat testing for cables and wires.

Alpha Test House
PVC Insulated, PVC Sheathed & Unsheathed Cables upto 1100V as per IS: 694-2010
PVC Insulated, PVC Sheathed (Heavy Duty) Cables upto 1100V as per IS: 1554 (Part-1)-1988
XPLE Insulated, PVC Sheated (Heavy Duty) Cable upto 1100V as per IS: 7098 (Part-1)-1988
Elastomer Insulated, Elastomer Sheated Cable upto 1100V as per IS: 9968 (Part-1)-1988
Aerial Bunched Cables upto & including 1100 V as per IS: 14255-1995
Motor Vehicle Cables as per IS: 2465-1984
Winding Wire for submersible Motors as per IS: 8783-1995
Welding Cables as per IS: 9857-1990
Short Firing Cables as per IS: 5950-1984
FR/FRLSH Cables (Fire Retardant low smoke, low halogen cables.)
High temperature Electric Wire, JSS-51034
Low Voltage Cables for Automobiles – JIS E 3406
PVC Conduit as per IS: 9537 (P-1) 1980 & 9537 (P-3) 1983
Co-Axial Cables (High Frequency) JSS-51100
Aluminium Conducotr for overhead transmission purpose IS: 398