Electronic & IT Products Testing

Alpha Test House provides Testing solutions for all the Electronics & IT & Household Products under one umbrella. Alpha Test House is ISO 9001-2015 certified and also accredited from NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) as well as approved by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The laboratory provide Testing of 43 Electronics Products, IT Products, Household Product as per BIS Specification and other International standards covered under Government of India's notifications issued in the year 2012 and there after :-

Alpha Test House

Due to safety-related issues, including overheating, electric shock and explosion, several consumer electronic goods get recalled and Brands & retailers face reputational and financial damages. Alpha Test House laboratory testing facilities will help your electronic & IT Products meet the requirements of your destination market and international safety standards.

Alpha Test House works with many global retailers' supply chains to ensure the products they sell meet rigorous industry standards, while reducing time to market and overall costs. Alpha Test House offers comprehensive quality and safety services for the following product categories:

Following products are covered under Compulsory Registration Scheme:

Electronic Vedio Games

Telephone Answering Machines

 Mail Processing / Postage
Machines / Franking

Laptop / Notebook / Tablets


 Passport Readers

Plasma/LCD/LED Televisions

Electronic Musical Systems

 Power Banks for use of Portable applications (With or without external adopter)

Optical Disc Players with built in amplifiers

Electronic Clocks with Mains Power

 Mobile Phones

Microwave Ovens

Set Top Boxes

 Cash Registers

Visual Display Units, Video Monitors

Automatic Data Processing Machines

 Point of Sale Terminal

Printers, Plotters

Power Adaptors for Audio, Video & Similar Electronic Apparatus

 Copying machines/Duplicators


 UPS / Invertors of rating < 5 KVA

 Smart Card Readers

Wireless Keyboards

 DC or AC Supplied Electronic
Control Gear for LED

Fixed General Purpose LED
Luminaires (including
Fancy Lights)

 Self - Ballasted LED Lamps
for General Lighting Services

 Sealed Secondary Cells / Batteries containing Alkaline or other
non-acidic Electrolyte for use in portable applications


Alpha Test House laboratory testing facilities will help your electronic & IT Products meet the requirements of your destination market with compliance of safety standards of country specific. Alpha Test House works with many global retailers' supply chains to ensure that the products they sell meet the required National/International standards as well as the mandatory compliance of the country.

List of Information Technology Equipments Test

1 Power Input and Current Measurement

19 Termination of conductors

2 Marking Test

20 Cord anchorage and strain relief

3 Protection against access to live parts

21 Stability

4 Discharge of capacitors

22 Steady force test

5 SELV circuits

23 Impact Test

6 TNV circuits

24 Drop test

7 Test for operating voltages generated externally

25 Stress relief test

8 Limited Current Circuit Measurements test

26 Protection against hazardous moving parts

9 Limited Power Sources

27 Heating Test

10 Resistance of earthling conductors and their terminations

28 Resistance to abnormal heat

11 Humidity conditioning

29 Evaluation measure of larger opening

12 Determination of working voltage

30 Material Test (Glow wire Test)

13 Clearance

31 Touch current and protective conductor current

14 Creepage

32 Electric strength

15 Non-Separable thin Sheet material

33 Abnormal operating and fault conditions

16 Abrasion Resistance Test

34 Steady State test & Requirement of Separation between telecommunication network from Earth

17 Measurement of transient Voltages

35 Voltage surge test

18 Beads and ceramic insulators test

36 Impulse test

Audio, Video and similar Electronic Apparatus

1 Normal Operating Conditions

15 Impact Test

2 Marking Test

16 Drop test

3 Heating under normal operating conditions

17 Push pull test

4 Test for External forces windows covers, internal forces

18 Torque test

5 Mandrel Test for non-separable thin sheet material

19 Stress relief test

6 Electric shock hazard under normal operating conditions

20 Antenna coaxial sockets

7 Determination of accessible parts

21 Clearances, Crepage distances

8 Openings of the enclosure

22 Determination of Working voltage

9 Terminals

23 Measurement of transient voltages

10 Resistance to external forces

24 Provisions for protective earthling

12 Humidity Treatment

25 Strain relief test

11 Surge test

26 Electrical connections and mechanical fixings

13 Dielectric Strength test

27 Stability and mechanical hazards

14 Insulation resistance test

28 Resistance to Fire (Glow wire)

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

1 Components

12 Wiring terminals for external power conductors (Cl.6.3)

2 Power Interface

13 Enclosure (Cl.7.1)

3 Marking & instructions

14 Stability (Cl.7.2)

4 Protection against shock and energy hazards (Cl.5.1)

15 Mechanical strength (Cl.7.3)

5 Requirement for auxiliary circuits (Cl.5.2)

16 Construction details(CL.7.4)

6 Protective earthing and bonding (Cl.5.3)

17 Resistance to fire (Cl.7.5)

7 AC and D.C power isolation (Cl. 5.4)

18 Temperature rise (Cl.7.7)

8 Over current and earth fault condition (Cl.5.5)

19 General provision for earth leakage (Cl.8.1)

9 Clearances, Creepage distances and distances through insulation (Cl.5.7)

20 Electrical strength (Cl.8.2)

10 Wiring, connections and supply - General (Cl.6.1)

21 Abnormal operating and fault conditions (Cl.8.3)

11 Connection to power (Cl.6.2)


Environmental Testing for IT, Electronic & Electrical items

1 Dry heat and Cold test

20 Provision For Earthing

2 Damp heat test and Damp heat cyclic test

21 Clearances,  creepage distances and solid insulation

3 Vibration (sinusoidal) test

22 Resistance To Heat and Fire

4 Dust test

23 General conditions for the tests

5 Standby power mode(Cl. 3.6)

24 Classification

6 Power in Active Mode(3.8)

25 Marking and instruction

7 Power in On Mode ( Section 11)

26 Protection against access to live parts

8 General Condition for the Tests

27 Heating

9 Classification

28 Leakage current and electric strength at operating temperature

10 Marking & Instructions

29 Moisture Resistance

11 Protection against access to live parts

30 Leakage current and electric strength

12 Power Input And Current

31 Stability And Mechanical Hazards

13 Heating

32 Mechanical Strength

14 Leakage current and electric strength at operating temperature--+36.-+

33 Construction

15 Moisture Resistance

34 Internal Wiring

16 Leakage current and electric strength

35 Provision For Earthing

17 Mechanical Strength

36 Screws and Connections

18 Construction

37 Clearances,  Creepage Distances and solid insulation

19 Internal Wiring

38 Resistance To Heat and Fire

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